Your Brand Statement and Why You Need One

What is a brand statement anyway?

Your personal brand statement is 3 to 5 sentences that clearly state what you do and what type work you are looking for. Each sentence should convey what makes you special for the job.

I’ve been a business man for many years and have interviewed many job candidates. Competition for jobs is more intense that it has ever been. Here are some ideas to help you develop your own personal brand statement.

1. What is it you really want to do? If you could design the perfect job for you, what would it be? Take some time and write down your ideas. List those things that are really important to you.

2. What is it about your background, education, or experience that makes you uniquely qualified to do your dream job? List these characteristics, as well as what have you done in the past that was very successful.

3. How can you use these things to help an employer?  Remember that your employer wants to know how you will be able to help the company meet its goals and objectives.

4, Narrow down the three lists to those points that express the essence of what type of job you are looking for and why you can do it.

5. Take the key points and write 3 to 5 sentences that tell your story in a quick and powerful way. Don’t use any more than 5 sentences, it will be too long if you do.

Here’s my personal brand statement.

I’m a financial adviser and author. I help people by teaching them how to make good financial decisions.

When you have your statement written down, refine it so that you can say it in a conversational way. It should sound natural.

Practice, practice, practice. Practice with friends and family. Practice in front of a mirror. Practice enough that you can say your brand statement easily and naturally.

Would you want to work for a company that could not express clearly what they did or how they did it? I don’t think so. If you can clearly say who you are and what you are about, I guarantee anyone that interviews you will be impressed.

Don’t hesitate to tell your friends and people you meet what your brand statement. It is very common for people to ask each other what type work they do when first meeting. You never know who you talk to that might hold the keys to that dream job.